Artisans of Value

In our focus areas of Consumer, Industrials, Agriculture, and Business Services, our senior bankers deliver exceptional results through deep industry insights, customized processes, and a low-volume service model.

Investment bankers of consummate skill


Avg Years Experience

Our senior bankers actually run engagements, they don’t just supervise them and show up at the closing dinner.


Total Transaction Value

Focus on $20-250M in enterprise value: every client, no matter the size, is a key reference.



Unrivaled cross-border transaction experience and ability to get diverse buyers highly engaged.

We deliver on our clients' ambitious objectives

We serve visionary companies and owners who seek a highly focused client experience, objective and unconflicted advice, and superior technical expertise. Achieving a tremendous return on your confidence in us is what Integris is all about. Talk to our prior clients and our differentiation will be obvious.

Consistent Outperformance

Our processes can be broad or narrow, rapid or measured, and each is designed from the ground up to focus on your objectives. Maximizing price is just the start of what we do.

What Our Clients Say